Baseline Setting

Baseline setting is a way to improve our ability to do our value based activities. The following steps will guide you to work out your baseline.

  1. Pick a values based activity – this can be a physical activity or a cognitive task ie reading
  2. Over three consecutive days, carry out your value based activity to the point your fatigue starts to increase. Stop there and make a note of your time / distance / number of pages etc.
  3. Work out the average for your value based activity, this is your comfortable maximum
  4. Baseline is 50% of your comfortable maximum
  5. You can increase by 10% each week if it feels comfortable. Equally, you can come back to a lower baseline as needed.

Here is an example of baseline setting for walking:

Day 1 6 minutes
Day 2 8 minutes
Day 3 10 minutes
Comfortable maximum
6 + 8 + 10 = 24
24 ÷ 3 = 8 minutes
Baseline 8 ÷ 2 = 4 minutes

We suggest starting with 1 or 2 activities and then adding another activity once they become part of your routine.