We are proud to share the feedback from our Fatigue Management Program (FMP) graduates:

The FMP course with the RFL Chronic Fatigue Service, has shown me an alternative and balanced approach to these two mindsets. It has given me the “wisdom to know the difference" between what I can and cannot change. It has helped me to understand the biochemistry affecting my body, the psychology influencing that biochemistry and how they work together in CFS.

I feel now far more able to accept my condition and equally more empowered to take control in the areas I am able to. I feel far less stressed about CFS and a greater sense of how I can manage the condition effectively. There is an irony that by replacing the cycle of hopelessness and blind determination with one of acceptance and self-care, I actually do feel more hopeful and in control.

Your delivery has been wonderful and it’s clear that you really do understand how we feel and have gently guided us through the programme. Your sharing of your lived experience of how your practice of the techniques has worked for you is inspiring. I like the way everything covered tied together. The programme seems very well thought through and delivered in bite size chunks very appropriate to those with limited cognitive function.

Just want to say thank you again for everything, and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this program.  It was a great experience. You are amazing at what you do, it really felt like I was not alone, that I was understood, and I have learned a lot of helpful things.  I am going to miss our sessions very much.

I can't express in words how grateful I am to you and your team for all the help and advice and just the opportunity to be listened to and finally be told what to do and things to try doing that might help because I've been waiting years and years for such help.

The FMP was in a word… great. Structurally, the sessions were well placed and well balanced between discussions, new material and breaks. I had underestimated how valuable I would find being part of a group and hearing others, who also live with ME/CFS, talk about their experiences. Thank you once again. This was great and re-affirmed to me that an ME/CFS diagnosis does not have to be hopeless.

I want and urge every doctor in the UK to know about this course and to tell patients with chronic fatigue about this course