How to cultivate acceptance?

Mindfulness practice can help you cultivate your acceptance of a whole range of thoughts, emotions, and physical feelings. Mindfulness helps us have a non-judgmental, curious stance, and allow all thoughts, feelings and sensations ‘just be’ in the present moment, as they are..

Being understood by others and ourselves… Peer support can also be a valuable tool to cultivate acceptance. You may find that talking to people who have been through similar experiences with you, or sharing your experiences in a safe space where you feel understood would lead to accepting yourself. This safe space could be with a healthcare professional such as a therapist, or with a friend or a family member who listens to you non-judgmentally. Truly understanding yourself and your predicament would also help accepting what you are going through as it is in a given moment.

Practicing self-compassion can help us be less self-critical, and show more kindness and care for ourselves when we are suffering, rather than beating ourselves up.].

Reflecting and refocusing on your values and what is meaningful to you, and ‘moving towards’ them with your actions would also help you accept the things that may not be going so well in life.